Pomeranian Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

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Most royalty of the past owned at least one of this dog breed. Queen Victoria is one of them. Who wouldn’t be? A Pomeranian is an adorable toy dog ​​that is strong and friendly. It is known for its small size and long thick fur. People adore his cuteness and soft luscious locks. Therefore, an owner must take good care of him, especially his hairy coat.

Hair loss is a common problem an owner may encounter when caring for a Pomeranian. When this happens, it is important to know the causes and treatments to easily return the dog to its cute and healthy shape.

Pomeranian hair loss is usually caused by growth, allergies, pests and hormonal imbalances. A 5 to 10 month old puppy will normally lose its hair to grow its adult coat. Pregnant women also lose hair due to hormonal imbalance. Weeks after giving birth, the coat will be back to normal.

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Alopecia X or Black Skin Disease where the dog loses a lot of hair from its back with some dark spots, and Adrenal Sex Hormone Responsive Dermatosis where the dog loses hair on the neck, tail and hind legs are some causes of Pomeranian hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. Both need serious Pomeranian hair loss treatment available at a veterinary clinic. Some of these treatments are:

Spaying or neutering involves removing the dog’s reproductive organs through surgery to restore hormonal balance and allow for faster hair regrowth.

Oral or implanted melatonin involves administering melatonin supplements to balance the dog’s daily and seasonal rhythms and trick the body into producing more compounds involved in hair growth. Vets and owners should exercise caution as too many doses can make the condition worse. They can stop this treatment once the dog starts to grow back its hair.

An owner can perform a simpler Pomeranian hair loss treatment for less severe cases. He can eliminate the dog allergens such as wheat and corn from the diet and replace the dog shampoo with a gentler and hypoallergenic shampoo. He can consult the vet for a shampoo against the pests and apply a small amount of Benadryl to prevent the dog from scratching, which results in hair loss.

Once the treatment is over, owners should maintain the beauty of their Pomeranian dogs. They should continue to wash and brush the coat regularly. They should also always keep an eye on the dog’s overall health to make sure he is in good shape inside and out.

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Pomeranian Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

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