Tesla working on a Supercharger station with drive-in movie theatre

Harris Marley
Harris Marley

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Picture: Teslarati

Teslarati has reported that the electric car company, Tesla has received approval to build a Supercharger electric vehicle charging station with its own diner and drive-in movie theatre in Los Angeles.

The official approval documents that the publication received came from the city’s Department of Building and Safety. Initially, Tesla’s application was submitted in November 2022, and the city approved the plan on 18 July 2023.

Teslarati mentioned that the initial grading inspection was also completed and approved on the 9th of August 2023, and that meant that Tesla can effectively proceed with construction.

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The site will be featuring 32 charging stalls, boast two large screens for showing famous movie clips, and a restaurant with rooftop seating. The initial plan was for the company to build the facility in Santa Monica, but it was moved to 7001 W. Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. The Supercharger Diner and Drive-in plot plan is shown on the scanned page below.

It makes sense for Tesla to show the famous movies rather than entire films since its Superchargers can top up its vehicles’ batteries in a much shorter time than the typical length of a movie. The latest-generation 250kW chargers can add over 320km of range in 15 minutes, shorter than the runtime of most sitcom episodes.

Non-Tesla vehicles might charge a bit slower, for which the company has recently started opening up parts of its Supercharger network. The company is also offering an in-car app called Tesla Theater with streaming services like YouTube and Netflix.

These can be used to watch movies, series, and other video content on the Tesla’s infotainment system while the car is parked.

Tesla working on a Supercharger station with drive-in movie theatre

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