“Thank you for everything, I love you!” Klea Huta message to


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Klea Huta and Elgit Doda crowned the love of several years in marriage.

She thanked all the people who were by her side in this happy moment.

“Happy and fulfilled! Thank you to everyone who shared this moment with us today, happy to have you. Thank God for every blessing, I am grateful! Elgit Doda Thank you for everything.. I love you! Happy birthday my life @kriddoda, mom and dad will try their whole life to give you only happy memories”, writes Klea.

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Clea chose two white dresses, a satin dress close to the body and the second one with a piece of lace.

On the other hand, the famous singer and composer chose to wear a beige suit on his wedding day.

In January 2020, dressed as bride and groom, Klea and Elgiti made a photo shoot in the Agafay desert, in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Their love story started about seven years ago, when they collaborated on the song “Amla”, while they are now parents of a son named Krid, who turned 3 a day ago.

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Global Courantl

“Thank you for everything, I love you!” Klea Huta message to

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