“The Babale case”, in the Appeal hearing for Ervin Salianji,


Deputy Ervin Saljani filed a request for the dismissal of Judge Edlira Petri from the Appellate Court for the trial of the Babale case.

With a guilty verdict that has been burdening him since 2019 and has not taken a final form, Ervin Salianji started the confrontation with the Appeals Prosecutor’s Office, which insists that he made a false report in the Babale file together with Fredi Alizoti, Albert Veliu and the journalist Jetmir Olldashi .

The file that shocked politics at the time and that brought Fatmir Xhafa’s resignation according to the prosecution was nothing more than a scenario that involved witness X and a friend of his lured for personal gain.

But Albert Veliu, otherwise known as Babalja, left for political asylum, while his associate Fredi Alizoti, the only one who served prison time according to the appeal court, withdrew from the appeal after serving his sentence.

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In these conditions, the politician Salianji expects to be double accused not only by the prosecution but also by the man he accused, Geron Xhafa, for whom the Court of Appeal requested to be notified of the initiation of the process as he has the status of victim and injured party.

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