The court began to listen to the appeal petitions

Nazim Sheikh
Nazim Sheikh

Global Courant 2023-05-08 23:21:09

KANO, Nigeria

The Nigerian Presidential Election Petition Court in Abuja began hearing petitions on Monday contesting Bola Ahmad Tinubu’s victory in the February presidential election.

The five-member court panel, led by Judge Haruna Tsammani, announced that it will begin its pre-trial session with three petitions challenging the election of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party candidate, Tinubu.

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At Monday’s hearing, Labor presidential candidate Peter Obi prayed for the court to overturn Tinubu’s victory on the cheating charges.

In the petition, he argued that there were numerous violations of law and other irregularities in the presidential elections held in February, adding that the election agency violated its own regulations by delaying the uploading of ballot box results to electronic machines, leaving the result in the middle. open to manipulation.

The court adjourned the preliminary hearings to Wednesday after hearing the case.

The court similarly set the same date for a second petition submitted by the Action People’s Party, which contained nearly the same allegations as those that challenged Tinubu’s victory.

The trial of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), for which Atiku Abubakar is running for president, was adjourned until Tuesday by the court.

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Atiku asked the court to allow the daily proceedings of his petition to be broadcast live.

Both Atiku and PDP requested the court referred to in the petition, “For Direction to the Court Registry and to the Parties on the Procedures for Admission of Media Practitioners and Equipment into the Courtroom.”

Judge Haruna Tsammani urged the parties to list all witness statements and documents that they would rely on or contest during the actual hearing of the petitions.

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Meanwhile, Action Alliance withdrew its petition against Tinubu. When the preliminary hearing began, no explanation was given about the withdrawal.

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The court began to listen to the appeal petitions

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