the GEOF policeman who defended his wife and fights for her

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Matías Sebastián Cuestas (38) was shot at least three times when he was assaulted upon arriving at the Carrillo Hospital in Ciudadela, where his wife works as a nurse.

“My love, I congratulate you!!! I am super proud of you, for your dedication, commitment and effort, despite all the difficulties and doubts you had, you never gave up. Iara, Santy and I congratulate you on your achievement!! “.

In December 2020, Romina Luján Torres (34) graduated as a nurse, after years of effort, raising two children together with her husband, Matías Sebastián Cuestas (38), a federal police officer, who wrote her that message when commenting on her post. on Facebook.

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This Friday night, the agent, dressed in civilian clothes, went to look for her after work, at the Carrillo Hospital, in Ciudadela, Tres de Febrero district. That was when two thieves assaulted them on 400 Teniente Coronel Manuel Besares street, very close to the Ejército de los Andes neighborhood, known as Fuerte Apache.

Cuestas identified himself as a policeman but had no time for anything: he was shot at least three times. Romina was also injured in the buttock. The criminals, who had arrived at the scene in a black vehicle, escaped without completing the robbery.

The police officer underwent surgery at the Carrillo Hospital and at noon on Saturday, after 12, they transferred him to the Churruca, in the City of Buenos Aires, where he remained stable, in an intensive care room. His evolution, according to sources, was favourable. The bullets hit him in the chest and abdomen.

The couple, who are from Moreno, have a 17-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son. The whole family was shocked by what happened and closely followed the evolution of both. She was out of danger.

Cuestas has worked in the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) since 2016. He is currently a member of the Special Group of Federal Operations (GEOF).

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The investigation of the case is in charge of the prosecutor Fabio Cardigonde (UFI No. 7 of San Martín). Until this Sunday there were no detainees.

The unusual robbery of a patrol car

Last Monday, an armed confrontation between agents of the Buenos Aires Police and two criminals ended with an unusual sequence: one of the thieves stole the patrol car and escaped at full speed. It happened in Ramos Mejía, part of La Matanza.

The security force vehicle was found in the Carlos Gardel de Morón villa.

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It happened at 3:00 p.m. at the corner of Colón and Acha streets, in the Lomas del Millón neighborhood, where two agents arrived, alerted by a woman about the presence of two thieves who were robbing the area.

The police officers saw two suspects walking who were called to stop but returned shots. There began the exchange of shots that ended with one of the thieves falling with a gunshot wound to the ankle. His accomplice managed to hide behind a parked car.

At one point, that criminal took advantage of the fact that the agents were not on their mobile phones and ran at full speed to get into the patrol car. He got in the driver’s side, accelerated to full speed and got away. A security camera managed to capture the escape.

The vehicle was found minutes later in the Carlos Gardel neighborhood of El Palomar, Morón district. The thief escaped running through the corridors.

The other injured criminal was identified as Enzo Rodrigo Ortiz, 19 years old. He was arrested and it was found that he had a criminal record.

The act was classified as “aggravated robbery by the use of a firearm and resistance to authority.”

According to what could be reconstructed so far, the criminals had stolen a Renault Kangoo van minutes before, which was left 80 meters from the place where they were intercepted by the police.



the GEOF policeman who defended his wife and fights for her

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