“The time has come for DP to unite”/ Basha on the agreement


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Lulzim Basha continued the tour of meetings in Berat, where he spoke about the agreement of May 17, 2017 with Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The former democratic leader said that the agreement 6 years ago was transparent and that it was also welcomed by Berisha and Meta, who are attacking him today because, according to him, their personal interests have been violated.

“The May 17 agreement is a transparent agreement. It was unanimously applauded. He was greeted by Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta, Jozefina Topalli, Besnik Mustafai. But after this agreement some members did not run again. When they did not re-candidate, they began to fall for the DP. The agreement was brokered by the US. The envoy said whoever refuses will have consequences. Even today, 6 years after the May 17 agreement, they continue with the industry of mud and lies,” said Basha.

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As he described the May 14 elections as “a farce accompanied by tambourines and curses”, Basha emphasized that the time has come for the DP to unite through a realistic plan and stop following Berisha.

“If we had referendums, we wouldn’t need to discuss the changes at all. A realistic plan is needed. More revolution, the paint came out” – added Basha.

During the meeting, Basha once again underlined the necessity for constitutional changes.

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“The time has come for DP to unite”/ Basha on the agreement

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