They confiscate vehicle that would have been used

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The National Police, through the Police Directorate of Investigations (DPI), seized in the last hours a tourism-type vehicle that would have been used in the massacre that occurred last Saturday (June 24) in a pool hall in the Victoria neighborhood, in Choloma.

The vehicle, a gray Hyundai Elantra, was located in the sector of Two ways, municipality of Villanueva, from where he was transferred to the DPI facilities in San Pedro Sula for his requisition in search of evidence.

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The car, which had a report of theft, according to authorities, was inspected and different objects were found inside, including a bible. It is worth mentioning that during this operation, the Police did not capture any subject linked to the massacre.


The Police Directorate Anti Maras and Padillas Against Organized Crime (Dipampco) captured on Monday Gerson Javier Carias Molina (20) alias “Bad Face Tranquilo”, an alleged member of the 18 gang, implicated in the massacre in the Victoria Choloma neighborhood, where 13 people died.

The detainee was presented as an impact capture by the Minister of Security Sánchez, who personally said that all the teams of the security forces They are working to bring justice to this case.

This is the first detainee and there are sufficient technical and scientific indications that lead us to assume that he is responsible for participating in this massacre. Alias ​​“Bad Face” was captured in the Jerusalem neighborhood of La Lima.


Thirteen people were murdered on bloody Saturday June 24 in the Victoria neighborhood, in the López Arellano sector. Among the dead was Xiomara Cocas, president of the Gildan Workers Union (Sitragsam), which recently announced the closure of one of its plants in Choloma .

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In addition, Cocas’s son, Eduardo Alexander Meléndez, died in the massacre, and three workers who were union leaders in said maquila were also murdered.

The rest of the victims of the terrible multiple crime were identified as Geiser Martínez (24), Ángel David Funez, Luis Fernando Sandoval (20), Lester Arnulfo Almendárez Garrido and Osman Antonio Ponce Toro (29), Delmer García and José Rufino Ortiz Escobar, all maquila workers.

Lester Arnulfo Almendárez, José Rufino Ortiz and Delmer García were Sitragsam delegates. The other three victims are Elvin Antonio Bermúdez (21), a welder by trade, José Edgardo Rodríguez (41), a security guard, Antonio Núñez and Axel Linares.

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They confiscate vehicle that would have been used

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