Traffic police increase checks, 8 drivers in handcuffs, hundreds


During one week, 8 drivers were arrested as a result of violating traffic rules and 109 driving licenses were suspended.

This week was unfortunately full of road accidents, where many people lost their lives, including the fatal accident in Sauk where three young people lost their lives. Also, a 24-hour incident that resulted in 6 victims caused the police to take more measures and increase checks to prevent consequences and to respect traffic rules.

During the controls, the driving licenses were suspended because 83 people were speeding over the permitted rates on the main national roads and in urban centers, 22 for driving under the influence of alcohol or in a drunken state and 4 for traffic in the opposite direction.

Of those arrested, 6 were punished for driving while intoxicated and 2 for driving without a driving license.

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The most punishments were for using mobile phones while driving, where 628 drivers were caught. 234 drivers who were speeding in residential areas were punished but without the sanction of driving license suspension.

Also, failure to wear a seat belt is seen as problematic as 395 drivers have been punished. 103 motor vehicle drivers were punished for not wearing protective helmets and warning signs at night.

211 drivers were punished for wrong overtaking and 6 for wrong maneuvers or speed races.

These checks are carried out using smart cars, automatic radars, drones, dredges, cameras and non-uniform cars,

The State Police appeals to all road users to strictly follow traffic rules, moderate speed, wear seat belts, do not use mobile phones while driving and do not make wrong passes.

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