Treatments For Balding Men – There Are Many Options

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Thanks to advances in modern science, balding is not something men have to take these days. There are many different treatments that are made to combat the different types of hair loss that men face. The most common cause of balding is male pattern baldness. This causes men’s hairlines to recede farther and farther, until they have no hair left on the top of their head. The good thing is that there are many different treatments for balding men available from drugs and topical creams to procedures.

The most popular cream or foam available for male pattern baldness is Rogaine. This product, like all other treatments for male pattern baldness is formulated to inhibit DHT and androgens, which is what makes your hair fall out. It also has other features such as helping hair grow faster, which can help you to see results faster. When it comes to pills there are many different forms of finasteride, which is what Propecia is. This medication was first designed to help with the prostate, as DHT can harm the prostate as well. It comes in many different pills of various names. This product also a helps to inhibit DHT like the other treatments. There are even sprays such as Tricomin Therapy Spray, which does the same thing as Rogaine but will also help your hair to look healthier as well. The nice thing about this product is that it is safe enough to use with other treatments. There are even shampoos such as Nizoral available to help with your male pattern baldness. There is even a cool new product called the laser comb. It helps your hair grow in thicker and can help with pattern hair loss just by using it for five to fifteen minutes a day.

There are also procedures you can choose from to help you get your hair back. There are non-surgical options such as laser therapy. This exposes your scalp to a certain light for 30 minutes at a time. It has been shown to help men restore hair and even grow new hair. To get the best results with this procedure, it should be started when the hair loss is in the early stages. There are even surgical procedures that in clued scalp reduction, hair transplants and even scalp extenders. Any of these procedures can be done on their own or you can combine these treatments depending on the severity of your hair loss and the aggressiveness you choose to fight the problem with. Your doctor can discuss the best option for you if you are deciding to go under the knife.

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No matter what treatment you choose to go with, you should make sure that you are well informed on the product. Make sure that it is made to treat your specific type of hair loss. Read reviews to see if this is a good product. Make sure you have looked at all the side effects and any contraindications for the product. As long as you are informed you will be on your way to regaining that full head of hair you once had.

Treatments For Balding Men – There Are Many Options

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