Two Driven women with a vision for creating change, recognize a

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Harris Marley

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Picture: Tlangelani Manzini and Daisy Mulenga
Founders of Imizamo Digital Media

In 2014 Tlangelani Manzini and Daisy Mulenga cofounders of Imizamo Digital Media started their business with only R200 as a capital and built their business while working in digital space. They started the business as just a digital business to integrated marketing agency that assist brands in navigating the vast and dynamics digital space and ensure that brands connect with their relevant audiences effectively.

The cofounders saw a gap for women like them to enter the industry, “creating a vehicle for other women who are interested in entering the space to learn how to go about it,” said Manzini speaking in a radio interview.

Manzini and Mulenga engaged with local communities, understanding unique challenges and needs. They invested in continuous learning, workshops, and seminars to upskill themselves and share knowledge.

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While asked how the covid-19 affected the digital industry, Manzini shared that as much as the pandemic had a negative impact, however, it affected the digital industry more positively.

“I think……(beauty?) about being in the digital space is actually when covid hit, it was a good time for digital to be utilized by different clients, different audiences because it was the only means of communicating––we couldn’t have the physical meetings that we used to have. So, theres a lot of platforms or systems that came into place; they’ve always been there quite a while but, I think it was an opportunity for us to explore what more can be done to keep relevance––for us to keep communicating and be able to manage the business side.”

She mentioned how most businesses had to shut down because “they couldn’t abduct as fast as they could with the impact that covid had.” She added, “But I think us running a digital agency was a positive for us because it was a point where brands even started looking at how they spend their revenues. So, digital now became a (first?) and all the other channels obviously was part of (…..?)

Mulenga shared how covid-19 she made an example about how the Metaverse is being getting integrated into this (grand/brand) campaigns. She shared how technology around you can transcend into the digital environment.

“You can be walking in a place and get integrated with technology that becomes real meaning, how do I ____ when I’m in a physical space it comes into my digital environment. “The other thing I’ve seen come in our digital environment is social media 2.0 ‘they call them content creators’,” said Mulenga.

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She stated how “previously people would use social media to showcase their lifestyle only. But now content creators in platforms like TikTok, we’ve seen people commercializing their content; we see people making it their revenue streams. We see platforms allowing you___.”

Mulenga made an example about how TikTok allow you to purchase a star or send a star to a creator. “That is beyond lifestyle, beyond me sharing what I’m doing, it has become a revenue stream for content creators.


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 Mulenga who holds a psychology degree and BA shared, “In this day and age, one can do cross functional work, it doesn’t matter whether you have a degree in law you can find yourself in the IT space.”

Mulenga spoke about how her diverse qualifications are actually coming quite handy, “because I may be trained as a psychologist, but, actually what I use its function, especially for my campaigns ad my brands–– is understanding their audiences so, instead of me sitting in an consultation room (with the person?), what I find is the psychology part of it gets (fitted? Filtered?) in the (challenging?)

“So if I come to a brand and I need to meet a particular audience, I need to understand how do we communicate to these audiences, then( ___) down obviously how does a particular audience actually benefit from the digital space. So different (technologies) over the last few years and using our knowledge, our qualifications mostly our experience from all these years that we have been in this space to find ourselves at a point where I don’t think different (technologies?) have been (enough?). sometimes we find ourselves preaching to our client to explain cause we find that clients sometimes they have basic ideas what they would (give/use?) the platform for, but actually it’s the detail of what the back-end look like.”

 She gave an example using Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT ___ “People feel that the beginning of where AI started but when you look at simply things like Voice (call?) on your google search that is all AI powered (already?) in india?), so in terms of (advantage?) to our clients ____? Very quickly.

“In terms of how AI come, our lives, very much an important function that I think it is integrated in our daily lives,” she added.

She continued, “I think in the past when we started talking about big data, IoT, I think we were thinking of AI as robots and physical things.”


Manzini shared that, “you need to understand that theres basic things like cookies that are being trapped as you obviously have different things done in the online environment,” she added. “ You will see an ad of the car, if I want to re-multi  bet you as the bank because you didn’t perform the next step or didn’t interact or engage and say that that ‘I will use your IP address’ or the cookies that I get on my site to reserve you the ad, because ‘I’m expecting, when you see it once or two times the cases of you engaging it will be more increased.

“There’s different platforms that we utilize like a google performance and it has AI powered capabilities obviously where you can use different types of platforms that google own. That means you can run a campaign from one environment. You should be be able to have visibility across all the platforms that google own, the YouTube, Gmail.

She continued, “If you still use Gmail, you enter the environment where even in your emails there’s an ad that pops up on the side of emails, same applies to YouTube environment and all of it is set to go live through a platform called Google performance.

“Some of the things we have in in visible search, Dynamic App is that you can create your copy creation that allow you to have automated part of copy that you created and pay Dynamic App within google space that you can utilize for your brands,” she added.

Imizamo co-founder Manzini added that they are “guilty of using ChatGPT type” as it provides much more detailed information that you will not find when you search on google.

“We do play around quite with channels and platforms that come up,” she added. “And the reason for that it’s obviously ‘if I’m gonna stand in front of the brand or client and talk about certain topic, I need to be knowledgeable enough to know what I’m talking about.

She advised, that as a company, you need to stay in tuned to what is new and what apps are being utilized and having that information will help you stay relevant and be able to offer the best service to clients.

“If you don’t utilize the platforms, you going to be left behind.”


Mulenga advised that for small businesses “they need to start using artificial intelligence (AI), if you haven’t started using using those two, you are going to be left behind. You don’t have to have everything automated; however, you can use it as a tool to make in your company.

She added: “we use to have copywriters, we use to have designers, what you need to do: is able to understand how do you (input?) on prompt in these things. There’s different things you can use when think AI in terms tool it doesn’t have to be ChatGPT only,” she added. “Think of narrative AI that we use for our images for e-commerce, very good for small businesses.”

Two Driven women with a vision for creating change, recognize a

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