Two groups of six? This is what is known about the possible

Michael Taylor

Global Courant

The Guatemalan National Soccer League could change its competition format for the 2023-2024 season.

In the current format, 12 teams face round-trip games, for a total of 22 games, the first eight places access the final phase and the title dispute.

The last winner was Xelajú MC, which obtained its Sixth Moon by defeating Antigua GFC in a memorable final at Mario Camposeco.

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However, with a view to the start of the next season in professional soccer in Guatemala, there has been speculation about a new competition format.

What is that format?

In this new competition format, two groups of six teams would be established, which would fight for eight places for the title dispute.

Teams would play one game against each member of their group for a total of five games.

Later they would face a return against the clubs of the other group to add another six meetings.

The return matches would then be played against members of their same group for another five games.

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The best classified team would close at home, while the first place would face the eighth, second against seventh, third against sixth and last quarter against fifth.

The semifinals would be played and later the final to define the champion.

All this format would be defined in the Assembly of the National League that is scheduled for next Wednesday, June 14.

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Two groups of six? This is what is known about the possible

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