Two planes collided in military training and one of the pilots died

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It happened at the Apiay base, in the city of Villavicencio. The other pilot was able to eject and survived. The video of the accident.

An air tragedy mourned Colombia this Saturday. It happened at Combat Command No. 2, located in Apiay, in the city of Vilavicencio, where two Air Force planes collided in the air during military training. One of the pilots died, while the other managed to eject, according to government spokesmen.

The incident occurred at 5:28 p.m. when two S-Tucano 27 aircraft collided in the vicinity of a garrison located in the central region of that country, southeast of Bogotá.

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The accident caused the death of Lieutenant Colonel Mario Andrés Espinosa González, while the other pilot (whose identity was not revealed) was able to save himself.

Images of the incident quickly went viral on social media. In them you can see the moment of impact between the two aircraft and a woman is heard exclaiming that “a plane fell” on at least four occasions.

Lieutenant Colonel Mario Andrés Espinosa González died in the plane crash in Colombia.

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In an official statement, the Colombian Air Force confirmed the death of Espinosa González (Commander of the Aeronautical Education Group) and reported that one of the planes fell to the ground, but the other was found one kilometer away from the runway. landing.

“An inspection commission was sent to the scene of the events, in order to carry out the investigation to determine the causes of the accident,” said the text, in which they also sent condolences to the victim’s family. On social media, meanwhile, they wrote: “Pilots don’t die, they just fly higher.”

For his part, General Helder Giraldo, commander of the Colombian Military Forces, spoke about the accident and expressed “deep sorrow for the unfortunate accident that today mourns our Military Forces.”

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Likewise, the general said that “the necessary investigations will be carried out to establish the conditions of time, manner and place in which this unfortunate event occurred.”

An aerobatic plane plummeted during a rural exhibition in Chaco

An impressive and tragic plane crash occurred on Friday morning in Chaco, when a small plane that was performing pirouettes at the opening of a rural exhibition plummeted and hit the ground. The two crew members who were traveling in the aircraft died due to the fall.

The event occurred shortly after 11:30 this Friday at the AgroNea fair. The aircraft carried out an exhibition as part of the opening show of the event, which is one of the busiest in the sector.

The shocking video images of the moment when the ship lost stability and fell into the field, meters from where the event was taking place and where the public was walking, quickly began to circulate on social networks.

The accident occurred at the time when Governor Jorge Capitanich was giving a speech with provincial authorities and the Agronea organization for the opening of the fair. The leader had to interrupt his speech and was shocked by the fact.

The agricultural exhibition began today and will run until Sunday, July 2, with more than 400 exhibitors in a 100-hectare property to display technology and the productive potential of the Chaco and the region.


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Two planes collided in military training and one of the pilots died

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