Until the end of the year will begin the remodeling of

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor

Global Courant 2023-05-08 11:22:23

During more than two years of administration, the Government through Ehisa did not make investments in the country’s airports and the business sector fears that this will continue to happen, now at the hands of the newly created National Airport Service (SAINT).

The Airport Infrastructure Company (Ehisa), which operated the international airports of La Ceiba, Roatán and San Pedro Sula for more than two years, was eliminated and replaced by the SAINTa decentralized entity of the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport (SITS).

According to the decree, Ehisa was in an irregular situation and administrative paralysis, putting at risk the administration, management, operation, investment and maintenance of the country’s national and international airports and aerodromes.

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Given this change in the operator of the international airports (with the exception of Palmerola) and aerodromes, the private company believes that if the Government will continue to manage the air terminals, excluding the possibility of a private operator, they must make the investments that have not been made for many years, since the airports have lost competitiveness and have fallen short of demand.

Pending tasks

Ehisa promised the fourth sleeve, improve lighting, enlargement of areas, among others.

In the northern zone, one of the great concerns is that there are delays in the remodeling and modernization project of the Ramón Villeda Morales international airport, announced in early March by Mauricio Ramos, Minister of the SIT.

Eduardo Facussepresident of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Cortés (CCIC), told THE PRESS that the removal of Ehisa it was a wise decision.

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Ehisa it is a corporation structure that does not fit within a government structure. Government it is due to the public interest and at no time should it be anonymous. Since its inception, we have criticized this figure because it does not correspond to the public sector”. Facussé emphasized that they have repeatedly requested that the needs of airports be met. “

He Villeda Morales airport investment is urgently needed, the most important airport in Honduras, the one that handles the most flow of travelers. There are a series of shortcomings, from cleanliness, air conditioning in poor condition, the airport’s capacity is no longer enough for passenger traffic, it is urgent that solutions be implemented, ”he asserted.

The business leader already had a first communication with Ricardo Martínez, executive secretary of the SAINTwho told him that in his opinion the situation of Villeda is serious and there is a lot of interest in solving the problem.

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Juan Carlos Sikaffy, former president of Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (cohep), was of the opinion that the replacement of Ehisa by SAN is to continue in the same way.

“Administered (airports) by inefficient and bureaucratic entities. We have always insisted that all the country’s airports must be awarded in the most transparent way possible through an international public tender so that through the proper supervision of the controlling entities we can have better and cheaper air connectivity.” For Sikaffy, it is they limit investments because “the Government He has always been a bad administrator.”

The businessman pointed out that SAINT airports must be made operational and efficient, user friendly and cheaper costs. “It is worrying that the most important airport in the country (Villeda Morales) does not receive the investment it urgently needs to catch up with other Central American cities,” he said.

Fuad Handal Katimi, president of the National Association of Industrialists (Andy), in San Pedro Sula, commented that with SAN at the helm, they hope that the remodeling work at Villeda Morales will be expedited, which was said to begin in the second half of this year.

“I understand that with this decree they already have the authority to be able to invest and make improvements, I think it is not a lack of money, but that they were waiting for this decree.”


The Villeda has a capacity for 400,000 travelers, but receives 1.2 million travelers a year.

Handal Katimi believes that the modernization of Villeda cannot wait any longer. “The airport is really sad, its capacity is well below the number of passengers it has.”

Ricardo Martinez, executive secretary of the SAN, told newspaper LA PRENSA that will increase the investment of $3.8 million that the SIT announced in March with the goal of expanding and modernizing Villeda Morales.”

We are going to invest several million dollars in the San Pedro Sula airport: it includes new electric stands, new air bridges, expansion of the arrival and departure runway.” He announced that they will announce the start of works in the Sampedrana terminal at the end of the year.

During the more than two years of administration, Ehisa did not make any improvements.

Until the end of the year will begin the remodeling of

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