Veliaj wins Tirana/ Poll gives him


Global Courant 2023-05-09 02:29:49

Top Channel published the latest polls for the May 14 elections for four cities, Tirana, Durrës, Shkodra and Elbasan.

These are the third surveys carried out in collaboration with “Angi Richerce”. In Tirana, the poll shows that the victory of the socialist candidate Erjon Veliaj is guaranteed.

According to the survey, Veliaj will receive 51.8 percent of the votes against 38.6 percent received by Belind Këlliçi. Both of these candidates have experienced increases in support figures. While there is a decline, the candidate of the Democratic Party, Ronald Bejko, who receives 6.1 percent of the votes.

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The independent candidate Arlind Qorri is on the rise with 2.3 percent, while Lajla Përnaska and Marko Dajti do not get even one percent of the votes. The support for the socialist party is in similar numbers to Veliaj, while the other political forces are in this ranking, together we win with 37.8 percent, the Democratic Party with 5.4 percent, the social democrats with 2.3 percent, Nisma Thurje 1, 1 percent and Vetëvendosja 08 percent.

The surprise of this survey is the one for Shkodra. In contrast to the previous polls, it seems that the campaign of the socialist Benet Beci has worked and he has won 3.2 percent from the last time, coming out on top with 50.2 percent, while the mayor Bardh Spahia has fallen by 3.2 percent, going to 49 .6 percent.

The numbers are almost equal, which shows that the Shkodra race will be with a photo finish. Meanwhile, in Shkodër, the Bashke Fitomen coalition remains the first political force with 45.2 percent and the socialists in second place with 32.4 percent, but together with Tom Doshi’s social democrats who get 16.1 percent.

The leftists are ahead in Shkodër with almost three percent more than the Meta Berisha, Dule Ndoka coalition.

There are no major developments in Elbasan, both candidates Gledjan Llatja and Luciano Boci are again at the same level as in the last poll.

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Llatja is quoted with 57.9 percent while his rival Luciano Boci with 42.1 percent.

In Elbasan, the Socialists received 50.1 percent of the votes, while “Bashke Fitomje” received 39.4 percent of the votes. Almost similar result from the last poll.

In the Durrës municipality, Emiriana Sako has maintained the same advantage position with 53.9 percent of the votes against Iglo Cara of “Bashkë Fitomje” who has 46.1 percent.

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Even the results for the parties in Durrës do not change. The Socialists are at the top with 51 percent, while “We win together” is 10 points less with 41.5 percent, while the Democratic Party is with almost 5 percent.

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Veliaj wins Tirana/ Poll gives him

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