VR headset, new iPhone software expected

Norman Ray

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Apple is about to kick off WWDC 2023, where it is expected to unveil its long-awaited VR headset. Apple usually also uses the event to check out new software for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Watch.

Then, in the fall, when new hardware like iPhones come out, there’s already a library of software updates for the devices and the new operating system ready to roll out.

All eyes will be on whether Apple will finally release a headset. Analysts and media reports say Apple could unveil a virtual reality headset that can also show the user the real world through powerful cameras mounted on the device – a concept often referred to as mixed reality.

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While virtual reality hasn’t caught on with the mass consumer audience yet, there’s still a lot of excitement and anticipation for what Apple may have come up with. If Apple releases a headset, it will be the first major new product line since the Apple Watch was announced in 2014.

Apple could also reveal updates to some of its other hardware, such as the Mac line of computers, which developers use to write software for Apple’s devices.

We’ve got all the coverage below. You can also watch the live stream here:

VR headset, new iPhone software expected

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