What Exactly Is Christian Counseling?

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Okay,so exactly what does christian counseling mean?

Christian counseling is also referred to as Christian psychology and biblical counseling. It is a combination of one’s faith with the main principles of psychology to help improve relational and mental health problems.

This type of therapy uses biblical teachings and scripture to help deal with the challenges one faces in life.

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Christian counselors place their belief in the Bible. They believe it to be the ultimate guide for people, especially Christians, on how they should lead their life, behave, and think. In other words, the word of God in the holy book is the one and only truth.

What Do the Christian Counselors Deal With?

The primary goal of a Christian counselor is to utilize principles based on faith and use psychological instruction to help people feel better and be able to manage and or solve different issues in life.

Marital Problems

Christian counselors place a great deal of importance on the sacrament of holy matrimony/marriage. Divorce is the last resort, and couples are often encouraged to do everything, including using Christian counseling services, to work through their marriage instead of parting ways.

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Parental Problems

A lot of parents struggle with parenting. Raising children can be daunting, and it may be challenging for some parents. Christian counseling helps guide the parents on their journey. The counselors teach the parents techniques to help them deal with parental issues and the responsibilities that come with a parenting job.

Mental Health Conditions

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Struggling with a mental illness alone is extremely hard. In this case, Christian counseling helps those with mental health conditions by providing them with an outlet to express their emotions and with support so that they can lean on someone.

Christian counselors make people learn the value of leaning towards faith to deal with various challenges in life. They make people with mental illness accept that they too are the children of God, and it is perhaps this understanding that they find the much-needed solace and comfort in.

Recovery from Loss and Grief

Death of a family member or loved one is heartbreaking, and the grieving process can take years. For some, it is a never-ending road. However, many people choose to rely on faith to deal with their grief. This is where the Christian counselor comes in. They help people see the light of God and get them through this difficult time.

Healing From Addiction and Substance Abuse

Admitting to having a problem with addiction and substance abuse is the first step to recovery. Christian counseling helps people struggling with addiction, and substance abuse turns a new leaf of life. Moreover, they try to get to the bottom of the deeper unearthed issues causing problems with addiction and abuse. It could be due to emotional, physical, childhood, or sexual trauma.

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What Exactly Is Christian Counseling?

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