Who Are Pulling The Strings of TTP Khwarijs?

Muhammad Qasim
Muhammad Qasim
Who Are Pulling The Strings of TTP Khwarijs?

The Khwarij faction of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is again active in the country. Pakistan’s troubled economic situation and political instability gave its enemies a chance to regroup and implement their hostile designs. TTP who started its malicious activities under the garb of Islamism is on a mission to sabotage Pakistan’s internal security at the behest of hostile agencies. They have used the name of Islam to brainwash youth and use them as tools to achieve their destructive goals. However, in multiple edicts issued by renowned Islamic scholars not only in Pakistan but also around the world the activities of TTP and other such organizations have been declared as strictly forbidden as per Islamic laws. Enemy Intelligence agencies such as Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India is at the forefront who not only supports TTP but also sponsors many other terrorist outfits in order to destabilize Pakistan.

TTP’s narratives suit India as support to TTP and Baloch terrorists can be projected by India as support to freedom struggle against state oppression. TTP is also seeking enhanced targeting of Chinese interests in Pakistan that is again a plus point for India which is continuously working to sabotage China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

On 14 November 2020, in a joint press brief by Foreign Minister and DG ISPR also provided evidence-laden dossier exposing TTP linkages with India. Major highlights clearly established Indian sponsorship of TTP and other terrorist organizations in Pakistan; The dossier was also provided to UN in 2020 containing irrefutable evidence regarding India’s sponsorship of terrorism states that, “India had established 87 terrorist training camps to launch attacks in Pakistan – and 21 of these terrorist camps were in India. In addition to that, India is also using Afghan soil to launch attacks in Pakistan establishing 66 terrorist camps in Afghanistan.”

India is a patron and financier of TTP – which is designated as a terrorist organization by four states: Pakistan, US, UK, and Canada. India exercises effective control over TTP as well as over its splinter groups. In August 2020, RAW facilitated merger of two splinter groups of TTP – Jamat-ul-Ahraar and Hizb-ul-Ahraar. The aims and objectives of both JuA and HuA are aligned with those of India. Besides, the merger of these groups under the patronage of RAW is a threat to peace and security and territorial integrity of Pakistan.

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India is working on its ‘grand design” aspired from Kautilyan doctrine that advocates expansionism through complete destruction. India wants to establish a consortium between TTP, BLA, and BLF in order to achieve its inimical designs. The recent surge of terror attacks in Pakistan is also part of the same doctrine. India cannot afford a developed Pakistan and therefore wants to sabotage any such initiative that has the potential to give Pakistan a bright future using its proxies like TTP. Indian involvement and sponsorship of terrorist consortiums for spreading anarchy in Pakistan needs to be exposed yet again by using aggressive diplomatic maneuver through Foreign Office and Pakistan’s missions located around the world. There is also a dire need to root out the menace of terrorism from Pakistan once and for all.

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