Who is Doctor Hakim, the specialist who treated the father

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The health of William Mebarak Chadid, father of the Colombian singer Shakira, has been delicate in recent months, which is why it was recently announced that he was going to undergo surgery at the Serena del Mar Clinic in Cartagena, Colombia.

Different international media revealed that Shakira traveled from the United States to Colombia to accompany her father at this time. It is worth mentioning that Mebarak Chadid suffers from hydrocephalus.

This is not the first time that the singer has made news about her father’s health, since in June 2022 she revealed that her father had had a major fall.

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A year later, Mebarak Chadid has made news again, since in Colombia, it was planned to operate on him with a Hakim valve, which has been used by health specialists to combat hydrocephalus.

This operation was carried out with the help of a medical team from the Santa Fe Foundation, headed by the Colombian doctor Fernando Hakim, son of the doctor Salomón Hakim who developed a ventriculoperitoneal shunt valve in 1965.

After several days of stay in Cartagena, and after the operation that was planned for last Thursday, June 8 -according to data from El Tiempo- Shakira announced on Twitter that she was very grateful to the Clínica Serena team. del Mar, as well as Dr. Hakim.

But who is Fernando Hakim and why is he so well known? According to data from Colombian media such as Noticias24, Fernando Hakim Daccach is the son of neurosurgeon Salomón Hakim Dow, who developed the Hakim valve.

Noticias24 points out that Hakim Daccach has more than three decades of experience, in addition to being an expert in treating hydrocephalus, spinal surgery, Chiari disease, as well as brain and spinal tumors, and vascular surgery.

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On the other hand, the specialist was also awarded in 2018 as one of the 50 best doctors in Colombia, according to the Top Doctors Awards.

On Instagram, the doctor has more than 5,900 followers. He also has a practice as a university professor at the Universidad de los Andes and is an associate professor specializing in neurosurgery at the Universidad de El Bosque.

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Who is Doctor Hakim, the specialist who treated the father

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