women’s clothing, GPS and a seal that is kept secret

Robert Collins
Robert Collins

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On July 19, a Bolivian aircraft misled in a Chaco field with 356 kilos of cocaine. Now the Gendarmerie found a backpack with the pilot’s GPS and women’s clothing. The drug would be from the Lima-Lobo cartel.

On July 19, a Bolivian plane misled when trying to land with 356 kilos of cocaine on a rural road in the Chaco town of Avia Terai. Unexpectedly, the accident anchored in a specific case an investigation that the federal judge of Resistencia, Zunilda Niremperger, had initiated with the Gendarmerie in 2021 on drug flights using the Bolivia-Paraguay-Argentina route.

That July 19, the Chaco Police seized 324 kilos that had been left inside the ship; A few days later another 32 kilos was found at about 60 meters during a new search in the area. And this Saturday -by expanding the search area even more- new clues were found… among them, one that points to the presence of a woman on the flight.

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As Clarín was able to confirm, about two kilometers from the place of the oversight, the Gendarmerie found a hiding place – a precarious construction with a parked homeless bus – in which the drug traffickers had abandoned a backpack.

The precarious construction where they found the GPS of the plane.

Inside it was a GPS, which will now be analyzed, a T-shirt with the legend Cessna (brand of the crashed plane) and women’s pajama pants as well as a pink envelope with personal hygiene items inside.

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The indications about a woman accompanying the pilot (both would have escaped in a blue Chevrolet truck) were first provided by a witness who saw when the plane touched down and ended up upside down. As she was lying on a neighborhood road, several onlookers passed by and took videos of what happened.

Through the Cessna registration, the Bolivian authorities detected that the Turbo Centurión model plane had its history: it had been hijacked by the Bolivian authorities for a suspicious flight to Paraguay.

The kidnapping took place in May, but in June it was returned to its owner because no traces of drugs were detected in the tests. Or at least that was said, because now the Bolivian government asked that the prosecutor in charge of that case be investigated.

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On this point now an extra piece of information emerged.

Women’s clothing found at the site.

Investigation sources confided to Clarín that in April -that is, before the first kidnapping- the plane had legally changed hands. The new owner ended up being arrested after the accident in Chaco (as was a pilot), but what is interesting is that the seller is a woman member of the Lima-Lobo clan.

Another clue under analysis are the logos that the cocaine loaves had. The vast majority of the packages had been identified with a piece of paper on which there is a drawing of an open black hand; in a smaller portion you can see the portrait of a man with a beard and a white shirt.

The case of the drug plane that misled in a field in Chaco.

This last drawing is more enigmatic.

Some thought they saw Lionel Messi in that image, others – perhaps with better aim – identified Dan Bilzerian, a professional poker player and public figure in the United States, known as “The King of Instagram”.

That is in sight. But the most important thing is that under the packaging the cocaine had a bas-relief mark whose details were not disclosed to the press and which would be the true clue to the origin of the drug. And everything points to the Lima-Lobo.

Some identified the drawing on the drug packages with Dan Bilzerian, a professional poker player and public figure in the United States, known as “The King of Instagram.”

The Lima-Lobo

In Argentina, the Federal Justice of Chaco and the Gendarmerie had already been investigating the Lima-Lobo clan since 2021.

As Clarín learned, in addition to having a route to Brazil – where the boss Jesús Einar Lima Lobo was extradited in 2021 – the clan manages routes to Argentina and northern Uruguay through airspace or refueling in Paraguay.

Jesu’s Einar Lima Lobo, “Don Pulo”, Bolivian drug lord. In photo, when he was extradited to Brazil.

“Don Pulo”, as Jesús Einar is called, was sentenced in Brazil to 14 years for carrying 400 kilos of cocaine with a small plane. Currently his son-in-law is a fugitive accused of killing three Bolivian police officers.

In the Argentine investigation there are two antecedents that are linked to the Avia Terai plane. The first is from the end of last year when a plane from the Chaco flying club, valued at 118 million pesos, was stolen in the early hours of Christmas. According to the internal GPS of the aircraft, they took it to Bolivia.

The most recent event is from January, when five people died after the plane that they had stolen from the flying club in the Chaco city of Villa Ángela crashed.


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women’s clothing, GPS and a seal that is kept secret

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