Za Fest in Shkodër/ Music and special guests at the festival


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Zâ Festi also echoed in its 7th edition in Shkodër.

The festival, which was born with the aim of promoting the values ​​of Albania, through music, art, support for tradition and protection of the environment, took place for three nights in a row, starting from the courtyard of the Inglisi Clock Tower, and ending at Rozafa Castle, with world-famous singers and special guests.

“Not everyone knows that I am a nephew of Shkodër, a son of this city, so it is a great pleasure to be here with you. Without knowing where we have been and where we have had our good and bad things, we will not know how to build tomorrow” – said Marin Mema, journalist

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“It is very beautiful, especially this place. I am speechless. It’s all fantastic. I have known Vlashenti for many years and he has always talked to me about his country. Now I am happy that I listened to him and came to discover his Albania, which is wonderful,” said Isabeal Sorling, singer.

“For me it is the first time in Albania and I must say that this place, Shkodra, is wonderful and this scene is a real magic. Vlashenti contacted me and we connected immediately, a chemistry that seemed to have known each other for a long time. I can say that it is the start of a friendship. The audience response tonight was fantastic and to see people who don’t speak your language but sing along with you is fantastic. An experience that I want to repeat,” said Davide Shorty, singer.

The creator of ZAFEST, Vlashen Sata, says that even this edition, this festival achieved its goal.

“It took a lot of effort to succeed and I am very happy and glad that we achieved the result. It is the desire to maintain the level, to preserve the good and the beautiful and I am glad that people have enjoyed and embraced it and it has been good for them and for us” – said Vlashent Sata

ZAFEST came with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the European Union and the French, Italian and Swedish embassies.

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Za Fest in Shkodër/ Music and special guests at the festival

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