Albanians want Tuzi again/ The elections took place today


The 82-year-old Paloke Vulaj left the day before from America specifically to participate in the elections in his hometown.

He remembers the years when he left Tuzi, forced because of the war and currents against the Albanians.

In these 4 years, Albanians think that Malaysia, now independent from Podgorica, has changed for the better

Nik Gjeloshaj is seeking the second term in a row at the head of this municipality.

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In 2018, after 61 years, under the leadership of Podgorica, Tuzi gained independence and municipality status with itself, being directed by the owners of the house, the Albanians, who are the majority. After 4 years, they go to the elections again to continue the leadership with the Albanians or to be divided by the Montenegrin and Bosnian forces.

For Top Channel, from Tuzi, Klodian Zhivani.

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