Dubai, the paradise of Albanian criminals, the top journalist


Journalist Anduena Llabani, invited to Top Story, said that there are 22 Albanian criminals hiding in Dubai.

They have returned Dubani to Paradise, the journalist emphasizes, while adding that the criminals came to Albania and returned there again, but without anyone understanding.

Llabani: There are 22 Albanians there and it is known why they are there, the authorities of the Arab Kingdom have launched an investigation regarding the properties that the Albanians have there, including real estate, rental premises. It is heaven for them, they leave our country and there have even been cases where they entered and no one understood that they entered, met their families and went to Dubai. I don’t think that they are calm, I don’t believe that a country like Arabia… has a very high security. You have almost 30 people in a very small space. If the Albanians were able to escape punishment or prison, it does not mean that money can do everything regardless of the laws that this country has. Albanians have shown how they are for blood feud or revenge.

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