Eduart Grishaj is moved to tears/ Tells the touching story of


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Eduart Grishaj was invited to “E Diell” who rarely spoke about his family. The director spoke about his father, mother, sister and brother.

He says that his father was born in prison, then he got out of prison, and when he was young he left Grishaj and went to work in Mamurras, Fushë-Kruje, where he met his future wife.

Eduart Grishaj: Life took him to work in Mamurras, Fushë-Kruje and he worked at the train stations at that time. He married a woman in Mamurras. He didn’t marry my mother and they had a son who is my brother, but his father’s wife died and he was left alone with Ylli, my brother (tears for a few minutes).

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My mother was also married to another man and they had a daughter, my sister, and her husband died. My father and mother married each other. One of the tribe had said that she is a good woman and they had seen each other because they were both from the same area. My mother stayed with my sister, while my father stayed with my brother and they both married each other and then I was born.

Grishaj says that he was born in Bajze, Shkodra and grew up surrounded by the love of his parents, sister and brother. He says that all this love that he received from his family, he tries to give to his children that he has today.

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Eduart Grishaj is moved to tears/ Tells the touching story of

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