He left his girlfriend’s house and they killed him at a bus stop to steal his cell phone

Robert Collins
Robert Collins

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It happened in Wilde. The family asks for witnesses to identify two suspects, who were filmed by security cameras as they fled.

Diego Osvaldo Calo (20) had gone to see his girlfriend. He was waiting for the bus to return to his house, on a corner of Wilde, when two thieves stabbed him in the chest to steal his cell phone. The young man died and now his family is looking for witnesses to identify the suspects, who were filmed by security cameras as they escaped.

“That the neighbors are not afraid. If one has a camera or saw something… we need answers to be able to do justice,” Marisol, the victim’s aunt, told the press, who assured that the Police “already know” who the murderers are.

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Calo’s crime occurred last Tuesday, around 9:00 p.m., when the victim refused to hand over his belongings to two criminals at the corner of Cangallo and De la Peña, in Wilde, Avellaneda district, south of Greater Buenos Aires.

Diego Osvaldo Calo (20) was killed in Wilde. They are looking for two suspects who were recorded by security cameras.

The woman indicated that the criminals “were two, one with an Argentine jacket and the other with a white jacket” and added that later “they change their clothes and appear hooded.”

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Marisol called for this afternoon, at approximately 7:00 p.m., a rally in Coronel Méndez y Cangallo, in Wilde, “so that all the neighbors can come to ask for more security.”

As detailed, his nephew was attacked by two assailants after leaving to visit his girlfriend and when he was going to take the bus.

“The (street) lights were not working, for the criminals it was the best place to wait for someone. It could have been anyone, but it was our turn,” said the victim’s aunt, who added that after the attack the attackers “escaped on foot” and that, as seen on the security cameras in the area, they did so “with their faces uncovered, so with impunity.”

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The young man was a bricklayer and according to his aunt, “he had been working since six in the morning, he would break his back lifting buckets of concrete to bring his money home, to take his girlfriend out for a walk, to buy her perfumes and his cell phone, which he had so much trouble paying for.”

“He was a very good kid who worked and lived for his family and his girlfriend,” he said.

Meanwhile, the young man’s grandmother assured that he told her: “Before they rob me, they are going to have to kill me, I am going to fight.”

“I always see the families and today I am on this side. The truth is that it is very painful, they see me whole, but inside I am made a bag. We ask for justice. I do not want to see them dead, because it is not what I want, but that justice be done, “the woman concluded.

Calo, after the attack, was rushed to a hospital in the area, where he underwent surgery twice and hours later died from injuries sustained to his chest.

At the moment there are no detainees for the homicide, which is being investigated by the prosecutor Alejandra Olmos Coronel, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 1 of the Avellaneda – Lanús Judicial Department.


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He left his girlfriend’s house and they killed him at a bus stop to steal his cell phone

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