Malaysian Police Investigate Johor Incident Involving S’pore

Arief Budi
Arief Budi

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Malaysian police are investigating an incident in which three men posing as officers appeared to attempt to pull over a car on its way from Singapore to Genting.

In a statement on Monday, Yusof Othman, acting police chief of Kulai, said the incident is believed to have occurred 41.5 km from the North-South highway, next to the Sedenak toll exit in Kulai, Johor.

He responded to a Facebook post in Chinese from user Freeman Gan WT on Monday, who claimed that a car began following him and a friend around the 17-mile highway on Monday at about 5:40 am.

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In a video at the post, which Mr Gan says took place around the 37 km mark, a silver car with a flashing blue flashing light on the roof can be seen speeding alongside his.

While he initially thought the men in the car were police officers, Mr Gan said he later suspected they were impersonators and refused to let them stop in front of his vehicle.

As he raced ahead, he said he called the police who told him not to stop and that if the car didn’t give way he should drive to the nearest police station.

Only after about 71 km did the car disappear, Mr. Gan said, adding that he stopped at a crowded place at 8:10 am to have breakfast with his friend.

Supt Yusof said the suspects are believed to be three men, whose nationalities are unclear, and were wearing masks.

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Malaysian Police Investigate Johor Incident Involving S’pore

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