Manjani, a powerful enchantment to Ahmetaj: Beni, discover the braveness, go converse tomorrow within the Meeting, you’re crucial


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The previous Minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani, has referred to as on Arben Ahmetaj to take part in tomorrow’s parliamentary session, the place the Council of Mandates is anticipated to take away the MP’s immunity on the request of SPAK, to ensure that Albanian justice to proceed the investigations in opposition to him for corruption.

Invited to “High Story”, Manjani mentioned that “somebody is eager about Arben Ahmetaj not being in Parliament tomorrow, not even in Albania, even being a fugitive from justice”.

For that reason, the lawyer referred to as on the previous deputy. the prime minister to attend the assembly to inform the reality. In response to Manjani, Ahmetaj is a witness of each penny that has come out of the coffers of this state, and as such he should be clear by giving the names, initially, of his socialist mates and comrades.

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If he does, and even worse escapes, he’s responsible.

“Tomorrow is an important day for transparency within the nation, and the creator of this transparency is Arben Ahmetaj.

I’ve a private and pleasant recommendation if you’ll take heed to me. Ben, go do the transparency tomorrow. You might be probably the most necessary of the final 10 or 11 years. Each penny that this nation has moved, you’re a witness and you recognize what occurred. You recognize the place they’re. Go tomorrow and do the transparency. This can be a trial, that is an investigation. Then go away these fairy tales, he mentioned.

You might be a very powerful individual, go tomorrow and make the transparency within the Parliament. Begin with your mates and colleagues. Inform the reality.

This entire recreation is now in the midst of summer time, when individuals are on trip. That they had hope and possibly even damaged solar or solar, the place do I do know, for Ben Ahmetaj to close up.

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Somebody is eager about the truth that Arben Ahmetaj is not going to be in Parliament tomorrow, not even in Albania, even when he’s a fugitive from justice. I do not know if it is in Albania or not, however in case you take heed to me and respect what I am saying, it’s best to go make the transparency.

Tomorrow is the final day, the day after tomorrow is simply too late. In the event that they put the bars on him the day after tomorrow, it will likely be like all of the others and we are going to all say that we did it to guard ourselves.

Tomorrow is your day Arben Ahmetaj. Go to the parliament, say what you need to say, make the transparency of each monetary penny that has been poured by this state the place you’re a witness. You might be a very powerful individual on this nation, quantity two. And nobody could make enjoyable of the quantity two. Should you do not do it, you’re responsible” – mentioned Manjani.

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Manjani, a powerful enchantment to Ahmetaj: Beni, discover the braveness, go converse tomorrow within the Meeting, you’re crucial

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