New York City will partner with places of worship to solve problems

Nazim Sheikh

Global Courant


New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced on Monday that houses of worship will offer overnight shelter as the nation’s largest city grapples with an influx of immigrants.

A new, two-year partnership with New York Interfaith Disaster Services (NYDIS) will allow up to 50 places of worship or faith-based venues to receive up to 19 single adult men anywhere, according to the mayor’s office.

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The program will host approximately 1,000 asylum seekers with the potential for further expansion and will offer “a complete service package that includes dining and social areas, shower facilities, meals, storage space and more”.

The city will also open five daytime centers.

“Whatever faith you practice, caring for those in need is part of every spiritual tradition,” Adams said. “This will not only increase the space we have by around 1,000 beds, it will also connect refugees with local communities”.

New York has hosted more than 72,000 asylum seekers since last spring, and more than 46,000 are still in the city’s custody.

Adams has repeatedly urged the federal government to provide various forms of support, including expedited work permits for asylum seekers, a nationwide decompression strategy, increased funding to manage the crisis, and meaningful immigration reform.

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New York City will partner with places of worship to solve problems

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