Pogradec/ They were caught transporting 4 foreign citizens,


The services of the Pogradec Police Station, in cooperation with the services of the Road Police Sector of DVP Korçë, organized and finalized the coded police operation “Ring”, as a result of which another case of criminal activity in the field of assistance was discovered. against profit, foreign citizens, for illegal border crossing.

As a result of this operation, the following citizens were arrested in the act:

– SH, 41 years old, resident in Pogradec and K. Sh., 46 years old, resident in Tirana.

These citizens were caught by the services of the Traffic Police, in neighborhood no. 1, Pogradec, transporting, against the profit, with the “Ford” type vehicle, in the direction of Tirana, 4 foreign citizens, who were promised passage to EU countries.

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The materials were passed to the Prosecution at the Pogradec Judicial District Court, for further action.

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