Questions People Can Ask Themselves Before Having Plastic Surgery

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Wang Yan

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Are They Healthy Enough to Undergo Plastic Surgery?
Before anything else, they should ask themselves if they are healthy to go through it. Many people are ideal candidates for this procedure in terms of health.

They should disclose their complete medical history to the plastic surgeon. He/She can’t assess them accurately when they do not reveal their health issues. In case anything goes wrong, they wouldn’t be blamed for it. When they lie to the surgeon, they are excused from the responsibility if complications arise.

While they may have certain health issues that may keep them from going through plastic surgery, they would surely want to stay alive than be a surgically enhanced corpse.

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What Is The Procedure’s Name and What Does It Entail?
They should not only know the name of the procedure but also what it entails. They do not necessarily have to know the specifics like the type of surgical tools the surgeon is using but rather if this procedure will achieve their desired results. It is also important to know if this is the right procedure for the body part they like to enhance. They should also know the medical term of the procedure in order to confirm it when hospital/medical center personnel ask.

What Are the Risks Involved With This Procedure?
Most often than not, things work out with plastic surgery. Nevertheless, they should be aware of the possible complications that are associated with the particular procedure they will be having.

One to the complications that could happen is infection. They will also have scars. Such scars may not always end up smooth. Some of them may be raised or widened. These are only few of the complications they should know before proceeding with the plastic surgery.

One more risk is that in spite of the perfect technique or what the plastic surgeon and his team consider as a good result, they may not feel satisfied. This happens when the doctor did not thoroughly discuss the limitations of the procedure prior to the surgery.

What Are They Hoping to Achieve With Their Surgery?

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It is obvious that they are expecting an improvement in the appearance of a particular body part. If they expect something more, they should learn about the limitations of the procedure.

What Are The Results They Can Expect?
A plastic surgeon has control over the things that happen within the confines of the operating room. Even if the plastic surgeon does a great job, this will not guarantee a successful relationship, job promotion or enhanced social life/status. Plastic surgery is not the answer to depression or eating disorders.

In addition, if they do not like to accept the procedure recommended by their plastic surgeon to get the desired results because they are concerned about having bigger scars or longer recovery, then they should expect less favorable results. When they do not follow post-surgery instructions, this can have a poor result and in some situations, make a complication worse.

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Lastly, if they aim to look like a Barbie doll with a perfect nose and pair of breasts, they will surely get very disappointed. They may look like a fake or else think that they don’t look good enough. They should aim for improvement and not perfection.

Questions People Can Ask Themselves Before Having Plastic Surgery

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