Russian journalist shoots a documentary

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Mihail Gusman, Russian international relations correspondent and First Deputy Director General of TASS news agency, presented a documentary about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Turkish Embassy in Moscow on Monday.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko, Turkey’s Ambassador to Russia Mehmet Samsar, TASS Director General Sergey Mikhaylov, foreign diplomatic representatives and journalists attended the screening, which was held under the auspices of the embassy.

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In the documentary prepared for the Formula of Power series, Erdoğan’s life since his childhood, his rise in politics, his achievements and his services during his tenure were told with sections from the previous interview.

In addition, the documentary featured important statements from President Erdogan’s book “A Fairer World Is Possible”, translated into Russian under the coordination of the Directorate of Communications, and Erdogan’s views were emphasized.

The documentary was also broadcast on Russian state television Rossiya-24 recently.

After the screening, Gusman answered Anatolia’s questions about President Erdogan and the documentary.

He said that he has interviewed Erdoğan 4 times within the framework of the program he has prepared and presented for 22 years, and that he has met with more than 400 important figures.

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Gusman said he met with Erdogan twice when he was prime minister and twice when he was president.

“President Erdogan is a great politician. Erdogan’s role as a leader today is extremely important not only in Turkey but also in the world.”

“What impressed me the most about him was his incredible ability to understand arguments and get to the heart of the issues we were discussing,” Gusman said.

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“It didn’t just answer questions. It provided a multi-layered analysis of the issues we discussed as a whole.”

Drawing attention to the close relationship between Erdogan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, Gusman said, “Yes, there may be different perspectives on many issues. Their analyzes or some of their evaluations may differ. But it is vital for the world.” These leaders have a trusting relationship, which is very important.”

Referring to the purpose of the documentary, Gusman said that the presidential election was held in Turkey a short time ago and they wanted to show Erdoğan to millions of Russians.

Noting that the documentary was shown twice on state television in the last two days and reached millions of people, Erdoğan said, “It is very important to introduce Erdoğan to the Russian audience. Unfortunately, people in Turkey and Russia do not know much about it. World leaders and even leaders of neighboring countries. .. Turkey has been our neighbor and partner for many years. President Erdogan has been in power for many years. It is very important to paint a full portrait of him and tell his story.”

Gusman said that he wants to interview Erdogan for the 5th time and he would be very happy if that happens.

Emphasizing that he loves Turkish music, he noted that he often listens to it at home and in his car.

He also said that he deeply respects the Turkish people.

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Russian journalist shoots a documentary

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