The Russian father was jailed and the daughter sent to an orphanage after drawing a “No War” poster at school


A Russian father has been jailed for two years after his daughter created a “No War” poster at school. Children at the school, in the Tula region, had been asked to create artwork inspired by Russian troops.

Masha Moskalyova, 13, drew Kremlin missiles aimed at a woman and a child and wrote the phrases “Glory to Ukraine” and “No war”.

Her father, Alexei Moskalyov, was called to the school and questioned. Authorities later discovered he had posted his support for Ukraine online and he was ordered to pay a £350 fine.

The 54-year-old then faced further questioning by the FSB – Putin’s fearsome counter-intelligence service.

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Masha was sent to a ‘rehabilitation centre’, part of the state orphanage system, and Alexei was banned from seeing her after the criminal proceedings began.

Alexei was found to have repeatedly discredited the military. Alexei was not present when the decision on his punishment was made. He was arrested the night before the court session at his home.

This marks the first time since Soviet times that a child has been separated from a parent based on political views.

The girl’s fate will be decided later by social services authorities.

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