they found two weapons that would have been used in the assault and

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Two weapons that would have been used in the robbery and murder of businessman Esteban Gabriel Izzo (60) in San Antonio de Padua appeared this Sunday in a raid on a pizzeria. Meanwhile, the Police are looking for the fugitive who rented that place, which is owned by the only detainee who has the case.

The seized pistols are a Bersa Thunder .380 and another Thunder 9 mm and were inside the “Lo de Cata” business, located at 3500 Gervasio Pavón street, in Castelar Sur, Morón. There they also found objects that would have been stolen from Izzo and his family.

The raided place is located next to the “Mandale Mecha” kiosk, owned by Walter Rodríguez Sierra (53), the only one arrested for the crime after two young people who had been delayed were released on Saturday night. One, 18 years old, is the son of Rodríguez Sierra and the other is his friend.

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“The pizzeria where he was raided is rented to Rodríguez Sierra by a man named Gustavo Mac Dougall, who the defendant declared that he sold him the Volkswagen Gol,” a source with access to the case told the Télam agency.

Gabriel Izzo (60), the businessman killed in a robbery in San Antonio de Padua (Photo Facebook)

During the raid, agents from the Morón Departmental Investigation Delegation (DDI) also seized a Necxus brand backpack with stains that appear to be blood, four black seals similar to those found at the scene; two hand levers with red plastic handle.

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In addition, a brown packing tape was seized; a container of glue; black pants with the Manchester United logo; and a school scissors, and a notification certificate from the Food Science Department in the name of Mac Dougall.

Among the belongings that belonged to the victims were two jewelry boxes with a Cartier brand watch, a gold chain with a transparent stone pendant, another silver chain and a third gold chain with a pendant with the letter “S” and the inscription “25 -12-18”, three rings, and two cell phones, which are believed to be the property of the assaulted couple.

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The gray VW Gol Power that would have been used in the assault.

The investigators established, after analyzing the cameras, that the gray Gol Power that would have been used in the assault had been parked since Friday afternoon and that since that day the pizzeria has not reopened to the public.

It is for this reason that Mac Dougall is intensely sought by the police as one of the participants in Izzo’s crime and the shooting of his wife Silvana Andrea Petinari (56) on Friday morning.

Although the two pistols will be examined on Monday, the investigators affirmed that “there is a high level of confidence” that they were the ones used in the crime, since the projectiles that hit Izzo’s body were .380 calibers, like one of the weapons found.

Prosecutor Claudio Oviedo, head of Morón’s Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 5, is investigating the actions of Mac Dougall, who according to the investigation works for Rodríguez Sierra distributing merchandise and personnel to the three kiosks and a pizzeria that he owns in the area. west.

Police are also looking for the suspect of being the driver of the gray Gol Power.

“There is a lot of digital evidence in this case, superior to any other,” said a judicial source.

For his part, Silvana Petinari’s brother told Clarín that the woman “already woke up and they took her off the respirator,” and that she is doing “very well” at the Los Arcos Sanatorium in Palermo, where she was referred. The woman was stabbed by the thieves, which caused the loss of one of her eyes and injuries to various parts of the body that affected different organs.

Izzo’s murder

The murder of Izzo, owner of a sawmill in the western suburbs, occurred on Friday at 4:20 a.m. at his home at Italia 1077, a few blocks from the center of the San Antonio de Padua station.

There, his wife, daughter of the owner of the “Petinari” company, dedicated to the manufacture of trailers, rollovers and semi-trailers, from the Merlo district, was also seriously injured.

Regarding the robbery, the sources said that two criminals got out of a gray Gol Power and, after forcing the American wooden blind of a window without bars that overlooks the street, entered the couple’s house, while at least two accomplices They remained support aboard the vehicle.

According to the sources, Izzo woke up to noises and grabbed two weapons of his own that he kept in his room – a Bersa .40 caliber pistol and a .38 revolver – and left the room to see what was happening.

In these circumstances, Izzo defended himself from the attack of the thieves, who shot him with firearms and also stabbed him.

The sources detailed that the victim also fired, although only with the revolver since the pistol jammed and apparently did not hit anyone.

Izzo was hit by at least five projectiles and died on the spot as a result of the bullet and stab wounds that the criminals caused him, the informants consulted added.

His wife also struggled with the assailants, who stabbed and beat her, causing her to lose her right eyeball, the sources added.

The woman was transferred in serious condition to the Eva Perón de Merlo hospital, where she was stabilized, and then transferred to the Los Arcos de Palermo sanatorium.

Also in the house was the mother of the injured woman, Elsa Otruba de Petinari (83), who was unharmed since she did not leave the room.

The operation where Rodríguez Sierra was arrested was carried out on Juan Martínez street at 2400, in the town of Ituzaingó, where the Police found 87 .40 caliber ammunition; 151 bullets 9 mm, and 3 caliber .380.

After the release of the other two suspects, “El Uruguayo” is the only detainee remaining in the case. In his investigative statement before the Oviedo prosecutor, Rodríguez pleaded not guilty and said he had sold the car seized by the investigators, without specifying the transfer of ownership.

In his investigative statement, Rodríguez Sierra explained that he sold the car to Gustavo Mac Dougall more than a year ago. He assured that he maintains a commercial link with him (he rents a pizzeria) and that he signed the purchase contract in the first days of January 2023.

Before the prosecutor, Rodríguez said: “The cameras will show who left it there (N. de R.: to the car) and who he was with. You can see that the day of the incident I was at home.”

Regarding the bullets found, Rodríguez said that he has “50% of a security company called Dra Lock” of which he is a partner along with a retired commissioner.



they found two weapons that would have been used in the assault and

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