This is known from the alleged appearance of aliens in

Michael Taylor

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Over the weekend, social media was flooded with videos allegedly showing the appearance of alien beings in Las Vegas, United States.

However, the video that has gone viral, which shows a creature over three meters tall that appears to be non-human, seems not to be real, since no authority has confirmed its veracity and its source is unclear.

But, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police does report an event related to an unusual sighting.

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In a video posted on Twitter by CNN, it is shown how police cameras capture a flash of green light, which shows how something falls in the patio of a house.

These events occurred on May 1, 2023. The police are heard saying: “What I am going to ask is strange, but they have seen a light falling from the sky. Did you see anything weird in your backyard?”

The family that called the police says they saw “aliens” in their backyard. “It was a very large creature, about three meters,” one of the witnesses is heard saying.

According to the Las Vegas police, the agents conducted a preliminary investigation and days later closed the case as “unfounded.”

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This is known from the alleged appearance of aliens in

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