Omar de Marchi celebrated second place and assures that he can

Robert Collins

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The PRO deputy who broke with the leadership of the ruling party relegated Kirchnerism to third place.

The PASO in Mendoza settled the personal fight between the radical Alfredo Cornejo and Omar De Marchi, who decided to slam the door on the pro-government Frente Cambia Mendoza, even against what the national PRO leaders thought.

And although Cornejo won as the candidate with the most votes in Mendoza, the difference with De Marchi was not so large. That excites the PRO deputy, who assures that he can give the bump in the general elections on September 24 for the governorship in Mendoza.

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“The Mendocina Union is a space that started 45 days ago and only in that time it became the second most voted force in Mendoza with a very big difference with the third (candidate k) and a very small one between formula and formula with whom would have won the elections,” said De Marchi, who celebrated second place as a triumph.

De Marchi said that there is less than four points difference between his formula and Cornejo’s. And he assured: “74% of Mendoza are voting for Mendoza to take action, for a province that needs to wake up from its siesta, that is on pause or that is stopped or neutralized as we say.”

Willing to win in the general elections on September 24, De Marchi again criticized the management of the radical Rodolfo Suarez, an ally of Cornejo. “We are going to give Mendoza a government that will put it into action. We need to put the engines of the economy into action,” he said.

Euphoric, the leader of the Mendoza PRO was convinced that he could overcome the points against Cornejo, although he did not explain how with the 20% of the votes he obtained he would be able to exceed the 43% that Cambia Mendoza obtained, by adding the votes that the deputy Luis Petri contributed to Cornejo’s coalition.

The expectation of the Unión Mendocina was set in two communes: Luján de Cuyo (currently governed by Sebastián Bragagnolo, De Marchi’s nephew) and Las Heras (commanded by his ally, the radical Daniel Orozco).

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In Luján de Cuyo, Demarchism was victorious, but by little difference. Esteban Allasino (La Unión Mendocina), beat Cornejo’s candidate, Natalio Mema (Cambia Mendoza). Further back, with third place, was the candidate of the Elegí Front, Paloma Scalco (Kirchnerism).

In Las Heras, the second most populated commune in Greater Mendoza (the first is Guaymallén), the Cornejo front prevailed.

Cambia Mendoza had a good margin of more than 7% over La Unión Mendocina. The Cambia Mendoza intern was won by Francisco Lo Presti and the Union will compete Martín Bustos, Daniel Orozco and De Marchi’s man. And in the rest of the parties, Adriana Cano (Elegí Front), Eduardo González Di Pietro (Green Party) and Edgardo Videla (FIT Unit) will do so.

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Omar de Marchi celebrated second place and assures that he can

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