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By: The Listening Post

Trump is using the possibility of an arrest to raise money and stir up his base. Plus the pressure on Nicaragua’s journalists under President Ortega.

When former United States President Donal Trump posted the news of his impending indictment, it sparked a wave of headlines. Reporting in the US was divided along standard partisan lines, and all were fodder for Trump’s 2024 campaign machine.

Ankush Khardori – Former Federal Prosecutor; contributing editor, New York Magazine
Jon Allsop – Journalist
John Nichols – co-author, The Death and Life of American Journalism; national affairs correspondent, The Nation
Jennifer Stromer-Galley – Professor of Information Studies, Syracuse University

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On our radar:

Within days of the International Criminal Court indicting Vladimir Putin for alleged war crimes in Ukraine, the Kremlin staged a photo shoot with China’s president. The message: that Russia is not alone. Producer Johanna Hoes has more.

Nicaragua: Hell for journalists

What is life like for journalists in Nicaragua? In the 15 years that President Daniel Ortega has been in power, the country has become a living hell for journalists. The Listening Post’s Tariq Nafi reports how the former poster child of the international left turned into an enemy of the press and journalists in Nicaragua who continue to resist.

Carlos Fernando Chamorro – Director, Esta Semana
Journalist – Founder, Confidential
Bianca Jagger – Human rights advocate

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