What are the chances of heat and rain for this

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The Insivumeh reported that the forecast for this Sunday, June 11, is for areas with mist at dawn in mountain areas.

In the northern, Caribbean and northern Valles de Oriente regions there will be a warm environment, high solar radiation, high temperatures and few clouds.

While cloudy with drizzle at dawn south of Santa Rosa and Escuintla.

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From the south to the center of the country, few clouds alternating with scattered clouds, with the possibility of rain or drizzle and electrical activity at the end of the afternoon or night.

The highest rainfall accumulated in the last 24 hours were recorded mainly in Bocacosta and the southwest.

The presence of severe local storms (abundant rain, strong wind and possible hail fall) on mountainous or volcanic sectors is not ruled out.

The Insivumeh recommends maintaining the necessary precautions before the expected rains and high temperatures.

The highest maximum temperatures recorded during the afternoon of Saturday June 10 were reported at the synoptic stations of Petén with 40.0 °C, Zacapa with 38.8 °C and Izabal with 35.8 °C.

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What are the chances of heat and rain for this

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