What is the shipping platform that SMEs choose?

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It is called MiCorreo, it was developed by Correo Argentino as a solution for the logistics of sales distribution of small entrepreneurs and it exceeded one million deliveries in May.

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Buying online implies, among many other things, practicality, speed and variety. However, the main headache for users is shipping, times, ways and if it will finally reach its destination. But, to tell the truth, this uncertainty is not only for the buyer, but also for the seller. They make a great effort not only to produce, but also to reach the user and that each product is delivered in optimal conditions.

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The Correo Argentino platform for SMEs exceeded one million packages delivered in one month.

In this sense, Paq.Ar, the parcel service of the Official Mail of the Argentine Republic SA, allows its users to resolve logistics issues for their electronic sales. To access the PAQ.AR service, Correo offers a self-management platform that was thought and designed for national SMEs, this was called MiCorreo and in the month of May it managed to process more than one million packages, only among small entrepreneurs, which represents an important growth of this segment within the eCommerce parcel market.

Definitely, Paq.Ar was not wrong with its slogan “Everything you sell in your business arrives”, since not only the numbers support them but also the trust placed by each SME. Vanesa Piesciorovski, president of Correo Argentino, explained that the channel was relaunched at the beginning of 2020 and assured: “It was a solution that we found so that entrepreneurs can continue making their electronic sales in the midst of the pandemic. I remember that, in the first month, with almost no advertising, we received 60,000 orders and at that moment we realized that the service was not going to stop growing.

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It should be noted that the platform was designed so that users can self-manage the service. In addition, it has a personalized service channel and a series of explanatory videos for each stage of the process in case users have questions.

On the other hand, among the advantages that entrepreneurs find when using MiCorreo, the service offers more than 3,400 points with an online connection enabled both to dispatch packages of products sold, and so that buyers can pick up products purchased over the Internet. ; as well as 7×24 shipment tracking, simplicity for management, payment of shipments and generation of labels. In addition, the possibility of integrations with the main eCommerce platforms aimed at small entrepreneurs.

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The platform was designed so that users can self-manage the service.

An important fact is that MiCorreo and Paq.Ar are part of the responses and adaptation that the Argentine Post Office carried out based on the challenges constantly posed by social and business changes after the pandemic. These are solutions that take advantage of the impressive network of more than 1,432 branches and 1,748 postal units, which make Correo Argentino the only company with the capacity to reach all addresses in Argentina. So much so that its more than 2,800 vehicles travel a distance of more than 127,129,703 kilometers annually, processing more than 126 million pieces of mail and delivering more than 24.5 million packages in 2022 alone. Since 2019, it has experienced growth of the volume of parcels exceeding 30%, which demonstrates its leadership in the logistics operation.

The president of the Official Post Office maintained that “exceeding one million monthly packages in the segment of small entrepreneurs was one of the objectives that the Bandera Post Office had set for this year” and confirmed that growth in the coming years will be exponential.

What is the shipping platform that SMEs choose?

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