While preparing for the wedding, five girls get lost


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Five young girls from Minnesota who were preparing for their friend’s wedding, have lost their lives in an accident.

Their friend’s wedding was the next day and they went to a mall to do some shopping.

The five young women were returning home on Friday night when the car they were in collided with another car, with all five pronounced dead at the scene.

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The five victims, identified on Sunday, are Sabiriin Ali, 17 years old; Sahra Gesaade, 20 years old; Salma Abdikadir, 20 years old; Sagal Hersi, 19 years old; and Siham Adam, 19 years old.

Three of the girls were said to be cousins ​​and another was their close friend. One of the victims had just graduated high school, the other four were all in college and living in Minnesota.

Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman told the newspaper that the crash was so severe it pushed the girls’ vehicle 50 feet away. According to foreign media, the other 27-year-old driver who collided with the girls was also injured. He tried to escape on foot but was later arrested.

Thompson is the son of former state representative. John Thompson, who has not issued any statement to the media. So far, more than 300,000 dollars have been collected for the family of the victims.

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Global Courantl

While preparing for the wedding, five girls get lost

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